RELATIONHSIP: The basis of our relationship with our clients is trust. Our client engages us in the belief that we are capable of performing the defined service satisfactorily, in a timely manner and at an agreed upon price.

TRUST: We accept the engagement trusting that the services we will offer will be evaluated fairly; that proprietary knowledge will be respected; that, the agreement will be honored; and payments for our services will be timely made under terms and conditions of the agreement.

QUALIFICATIONS: We will accept only those engagements we are qualified to undertake and which we believe will provide genuine benefits to our clients. We will present our qualifications to a client solely in terms of our competence and experience.

INDEPENDENCE: We will assume an independent position with our clients, making certain our advice is based on impartial consideration of the relevant facts.

TRUTHFULNESS: We will be truthful and forthright in observations and recommendations to clients.

CONFIDENTIALITY: We will treat all information relating to the business affairs of a client as strictly confidential.

COMPENSATION: We will charge fees in accordance with the mature of the services and tasks performed and the responsibility assumed and which are in relation to our experience and ability.

PROCESS: When appropriate, we will provide the client with a written proposal, which outlines the objectives and scope of the subject project as well as the fee basis or the estimated total fee. Out-of-pocket expenses for travel, meals, mileage, office supplies and similar expenses will be billed at cost; service charges for goods and services purchased on behalf of clients will be disclosed.

COLLABORATION: We cannot solve all problems, thus when necessary, we will recommend other professionals to provide collaborative support.

RECOMMENDATION: We will recommend only vendors or other consultants whom we know can do the job adequately.

PUBLIC SAFETY: We recognize a moral responsibility to the safety, health and welfare of the public.

ETHICS: We will accept only those projects which are legal and which in our judgment are not in violation of the community interest or general good of the public.

MUTUAL EXPECTATIONS: We expect our clients to be realistic and honest- A client who requests a quick opinion can neither expect that opinion to provide the same results as a thorough study, nor expect an opinion to carry our professional’s full expertise.

WHAT WE EXPECT FROM OUR CLIENTS: We expect to be able to use our clients as references and to be able to tell prospective customers about prior work and accomplishments after obtaining permission from the concern for which the work was performed. We expect fees to be paid promptly within the terms and conditions of our agreement.